All products are assembled and manufactured to European standards.

Automated technology completely improves the coefficient, saving energy

Materials, gas is recyclable, durable and extremely environmentally friendly.

We design, technology consulting, installation, repair and maintenance:

Industrial refrigeration

Industrial cold storage: agricultural products, seafood, food, pharmaceuticals, ships
Conveyor belt freezers.
Flocculation machine, flake ice making machine.
Contact freezers, freezers, wind tunnels.
Stone production system.
Pipe stone machine, industrial ice machine.
Ice machine made from sea water on boats.
Evaporation condenser.
Ice-cold system
Snow generator


Air conditioners for villas, high class apartments, office buildings for lease, showrooms
Industrial air conditioners for workshops, industrial zones
Water coolers used in production in industrial zones
Plastic water cooler chiller
Cooling system of concrete batching plant
Service maintenance, repair, maintenance

Machinery line

Harvesting lines: potatoes, carrots, oranges, sugarcane, …
Lines slaughter cattle and poultry: chicken, cows, pigs, goats
Processing lines for food factories: confectionery, porridge, sausage
Processing line for seafood processing factory
Production line for agricultural products
Line auxiliary machinery other.
Nam Phu Thai has representative offices in 3 provinces in North – Central – Nam, one representative office in Guangzhou – China.

Factory manufacturing, assembling equipment.

Maintenance center, separate customer care warranty, network maintenance point network link> 40 provinces throughout Vietnam.

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