Nam Phu Thai’s staffs are passionate, enthusiasm and high creative spirit trained by leading universities. Human resources are divided into departments that manage each work process, but there is always the connection to complete the highest quality products to customers.

Consultancy, cost estimation design
+ Expert consultants are trained in knowledge of the industry, always ready to meet the needs and serve customers.

Design team is the thermal engineers have long experience, graduated from the field of thermotechnology leading in Vietnam. Bring design to the requirements, reduce costs and improve longevity, quality products for customers

+ Calculate the capacity based on the software system and be trained technically from the compressor manufacturer, so will give the closest match with the requirements, the design is simulated on 3D to help customers have more visual experience

Implement management quality monitoring, work progress
+ The contract is implemented in accordance with progress of estimation and progress of using the works of customers, is carefully designed in detail, avoid mistakes

+ The team of skilled, well trained, monitored quality management and close progress

+ Taking over and handing over internal inspection before handing over to customers.

In addition, we have a team of technical advisors: are the leading experts, doctors in the refrigeration industry in Vietnam.
Technology advisory team: Nam Phu Thai is not only a supplier of products to customers, but also wants to be more valuable to customers. Should we have a team of consultants are professors, doctors working in leading research institutes in Vietnam. Postharvest Electromechanics Institute, Plant Variety Institute, Vietnam Agricultural Institute
Control after-sales warranty maintenance and service by NPTcare.
Customer care engineering team: trained regularly and adapt to the fastest technical requirements for customers.
+ Optimal service package: Periodically check every 3 months, once every 6 months. Support checks repair even after the warranty expires,

+ Direct telephone answering service 24/7

+ Track the operation of the warehouse through the software system on the mobile phone

Our business team is highly qualified, highly specialized and enthusiastic. Quick response Available to the field to plan for customers

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